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Amber + 14K Yellow Gold

Amber is neither a crystal or a mineral, but it is prized for its healing properties.  It carries a tremendous life force energy. It attunes to ancient wisdom and can be a powerful tool for past life recall, or for stimulating the remembrance of genetic lessons and experiences passed down from one’s ancestors. Amber is a natural purifier, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and dis-ease from the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit, by absorbing negative or stagnant energies and transforming them into clear, positive energy. Amber also provides a protective shield against negative energies and may be called upon to remove toxicity from one’s life or relationships.



- Amber and 14k Yellow Gold Necklace

- Size 16 in. Length Chain

Amber + 14K Yellow Gold

SKU: Home Studio
$800.00 Regular Price
$560.00Sale Price
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