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Morganite Starburst+Yellow Tourmaline  + Orange Sapphire Ring

Morganite is a very interesting gemstone that is associated with the feeling of inner peace, strength, and joy. This crystal will help you with self-confidence, personal power, and help you connect to Divine Love boosting awareness. Wearing Morganite gemstone will help you be fair to others, improve communication, and personal expression. It will also help relieve stress and help you understand other people.

Yellow Tourmaline meaning is one of the most potent and beneficial gemstones ever discovered.  It is thought to aid in self-awareness and introspection, which in turn aids in spiritual development.

Orange Sapphire bring the wisdom of loving creation from the heart to the world. They align the will to create with the heart, encouraging one to revel in life’s sensory experiences and in the expression of ideas and artistic truths.

Size 6.5 


Morganite Starburst+Yellow Tourmaline + Orange Sapphire Ring

SKU: Studio
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