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About Leela Grace Jewelry

I have always loved creating with my hands. I began making jewelry at 8 years old. I used my allowance to go to Michaels and then would sell my creations door to door in my neighborhood. Although my style has evolved since then

(and the internet has made it possible to nix going door to door), I still love creating new and unique pieces of jewelry. When my daughter Leela was born, I wanted to start a business that would allow me to balance creativity and motherhood.

Leela Grace Jewelry was born. It started small, but like my daughter, it’s growing everyday. The name Leela in Sanskrit means ‘the divine play of God’.

It was the perfect name for my business, because I am playing when I create. I know when people wear my jewelry, they can feel the love I put into every piece I make.

Energy is everything.


– Jennifer 

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