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Tanzanite, Tourmaline + 14k Yellow Gold Earrings

3ct Tanzanite, 13ct Watermelon Tourmaline and 14K Yellow Gold.

Tanzanite helps you to authentically express yourself. It is a creative stone that brings us back to our objectives after interruption. It also has the power to dissolve old patterns and creates space for new opportunities.

Tourmaline is perfect if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the events in your life.  Tourmaline will provide protection against destructive energies and bad vibrations.

The colors are soft, but the energy of these earrings are potent.  Feel the protection when you wear these beauties. 


You will rock life in these stunning earrings!  Get ready to strut when you wear these...bold, magnetic earrings...

Tanzanite, Tourmaline + 14k Yellow Gold Earrings

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